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SingleHop infrastructure as a service solutions
are purpose-built to adapt to your challenges
and solve your problems.

Purpose-Built Complex Hosting Solutions

One size does not fit all. Your business is unique, as are your problems. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions are purpose-built to adapt to your challenges and solve your problems.

Need multiple servers?

Consider a Virtual Private Cloud. Deploy an unlimited number of virtual machines (servers) at a fixed, predictable cost in your very own, 100% private cloud environment.


Capabilities and Approach

We have the capability to design any kind of infrastructure you might need, deploy it in record time, and give you as little or as much management of it as you want. We do it every day, and have the skills, knowhow, and experience to avoid common mistakes and deliver on time, every time. Every customer works directly with a dedicated project manager every step of the way.

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Hybrid and Multi-Server Solutions

Use our dedicated servers alongside cloud servers in a natively hybrid environment. Build applications and workloads out of the most appropriate, best-for-use-case basis and not on the constrictions of your infrastructure. You can customize anything and everything, mix and match, and more.

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HIPAA and PCI Compliance

We understand the need for HIPAA and PCI compliance. When dealing with patient information, being HIPAA compliant is not a luxury. You must protect your patients and reduce your risk. Our team is also experienced in engineering secure, PCI-DSS compliant systems for storing and processing customer payment information.

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Solutions by Industry or Need

We understand that everyone has different needs for their infrastructure solution, depending on what type of industry they’re in, the size of their business, and many other factors. Not sure which solution is right for you? Check out the options below.

  • Solutions By

    • E-commerce vendor
    • Hosting provider
    • Education Technology
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  • Solutions
    By Need

    • HIPAA compliance
    • Big databases
    • Cost savings
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  • Small and Mid-Size

    • PCI compliance
    • Development environments
    • Redundancy
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  • Enterprise-Class

    • Disaster recovery
    • Virtualization
    • High availability
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