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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Use Cases

Hybrid Dedicated Hosting Configuration

Dealing with unexpected spikes in traffic and resource usage can be a nightmare for e-commerce merchants. Public clouds can handle sudden spikes in traffic with ease. However, public clouds do not always play nice with compliances. Therefore, a hybrid solution would include public cloud VMs connected to bare metal servers via our private network for a flexible, compliant solution.

  • Two front-end public cloud servers
  • Load balanced with a cloud load balancer
  • Two back-end database servers replicated and connected via out of band private network

Redundant Dedicated Server Configuration

Cloud load balancers bring the elasticity of cloud to load balancing. They provide a rapid means to handle large amounts of traffic, seamlessly providing load balancing capacity to achieve exceptional fault tolerance. Pairing cloud load balancers with redundant firewalls creates a high availability platform capable of withstanding even the largest network loads.

  • Four front-end bare metal servers
  • Behind redundant firewalls
  • Supported by cloud load balancers

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