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Available Services

System Administration

SingleHop offers 24/7 on-call and on-demand system administration and “remote hands” services. System administration includes a wide range of troubleshooting, upgrading, and installation services on supported server-side software.

System Administration Services

System Administration time offers a complete managed hosting experience. Managed web hosting services are designed for organizations that do not have 24 hour IT staffing and need support for basic web hosting services.

System Administration Services Pricing
System Administrator Time – Linux $150.00 per hour (billed in 30 minute increments)
System Administrator Time – Windows $150.00 per hour (billed in 30 minute increments)
Monthly System Administrator Time Overage $150.00 per hour (billed in 30 minute increments)
General Managed ServicesPlease note: General Managed Services includes 2 Hours of System Administration time. Additional time must be purchased hourly. $69.95 per month per server/VM

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