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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting Benefits and Features

  • Dedicated Resources

    There is absolutely no shared computing or storage resources on a dedicated server. The only shared aspects are the underlying network connectivity and physical data center location. No data is commingled with other users data. Similarly, no computing resources can be siphoned away by rogue applications on other users systems.

    Wide Range of Operating Systems

    Our systems support a wide range of operating systems from Microsoft Windows to Linux flavors.

  • You Are in Control

    You control everything, no matter where you are or what you are doing, that happens in your infrastructure. Control it all from your iPhone, computer, tablet, and more.

    Highly Flexible

    Customize anything and everything. All aspects of our Dedicated Servers are fully customizable. Upgrade the hardware, change the software, even stipulate the level of managed services that you need on it. We’ll do as much or as little as you want us to.

  • Hybrid Capable

    Use our dedicated servers alongside cloud servers in a natively hybrid environment. Build applications and workloads out of the most appropriate, best-for-use-case basis and not on the constrictions of your infrastructure platform.


    Integrate dedicated servers into your application using our extensive RESTful API, which allows you to integrate dedicated server deployment as well as cloud server deployment into your applications to facilitate dynamic scaling and dynamic deployment of resources.

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