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What Makes a Dynamic Server

Dynamic Servers combine the Flexibility of cloud computing with the Dedicated hardware & horsepower of traditional dedicated servers.

It offers the best features from both technologies, blended to create a powerful and new type of server... the Dynamic Server. One feature of a Dynamic Server is engrained virtualization from deployment, bringing the ability to create Virtual Machines, and to scale up or down, all while using private resources on dedicated hardware.

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Fully Virtualized, Fully Dedicated

While a Dynamic Server typically only hosts one website or application, it can be virtualized and become a host to numerous smaller “virtual machines.” Each virtual machine believes that it is an actual physical server.

An Extremely Flexible Environment

With the virtualization of a SingleHop Dynamic Server, resources (such as CPU cycles, memory and storage) are allocated to virtual machines and can be adjusted at anytime inside of LEAP. This enables real time resource balancing using award-winning LEAP Client Portal or the SingleHop API.