Automation Overview

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Automation and Control

Our automated platform deploys servers, updates software, configures routers and performs hundreds of other routine tasks with speed and precision, so you don't have to.

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Automated Deployment System Real World Benefits
Control Everything from LEAP

Use LEAP to design, deploy, and manage dedicated and cloud servers from any device, anytime.
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  • Total infrastructure control
  • Access from any mobile device
Faster Server Deployment

Dedicated and Cloud Servers are deployed automatically, bringing them online and ready-to-use in minutes instead of days.

  • Less waiting around
  • No need to hold inventory
Reduce Errors and Re-Dos

Automated systems make fewer mistakes than human beings do. That's why more SingleHop servers are deployed right the first time

  • Perfect deployment every time
Consistency and Quality Assured

We have engineered our platform to offer a consistent, predictable and uniform experience at all times. Our SLA guarantees that we live up to the expectations we set.

  • Everything is done the same way, every time
Operational Transparency

SingleHop's platform is transparent. We keep track of our performance so you don't have to. Check out our Operational Transparency and Bill of Rights for more information.

  • Always know what's going on
  • No surprises
Full Featured RESTful API

Build SingleHop's powerful platform into your business with our DropZone RESTful API. Learn More »

  • Integrate SingleHop with your business systems for a wide range of purposes
Synchronous Execution

Deploy 1 or 1,000 servers--at the same time. SingleHop's automated platform can do more, partially because it can do more at the same time.

  • Get more done, faster
  • Reduced need for supervision
Compliance Functionality

We offer automated Change Control and Logging native in our platform. All actions are logged and can be reviewed in the future, regardless if they were performed via automation or human intervention.

  • Audit trail readily available
Control from Wide Range of Devices

The LEAP Platform can be accessed from any iPhone, iPad, or Android device, or from any web browser. So no matter where you are, you're always in control.

  • Always in control, regardless of time or location
On-Time Delivery

Get your servers delivered and ready-to-use on-time, every-time. Guaranteed by the SingleHop Customer Bill of Rights.

  • Servers deployed on-time, everytime
  • Servers deployed with correct specs

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