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Help your clients deploy critical infrastructure in the cloud and generate lucrative revenue streams for years to come.

SingleHop channel sales relationships are a form of partnership where our company forms a symbiosis with your organization, working together to close deals and bring cloud computing to your clients. In this scenario, we work together to close sales and handle everything else.
  • How It Works

    1. We work together on every deal

    Our teams join forces to achieve a common goal, working together to make sure that we present the most compelling business case to your client.

  • 2. We take over from there

    Once a deal is closed, we’ll take it from there and deploy the solution for the client. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Partner with SingleHop to leverage The Platform You Can Depend On:

  • Infrastructure Evolved
  • Pervasive Automation
  • Experience and Scale
  • Flexibility is Number One
  • 100% Reliability, Guaranteed
  • High-End Equipment

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