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We make IT easy for your clients to deploy enterprise infrastructure in the cloud.

We can help you generate a lucrative cloud-based revenue stream for years to come. Regardless of your business model, SingleHop has a fit for you.
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  • Channel Partners Bill of Rights

    Trust, Support, and Monetization Made Easy

    With 8 years of industry leading experience empowering partners across the world, SingleHop wants to make it easy to add cloud services to your portfolio. We understand how important your reputation and customer relationships are.

  • Channel Partnerships are More Than Tech

    A key principal of SingleHop’s channel partnership program is support and guidance; SingleHop partners can advise their customers on the best solution for their needs, not just lead with a particular service or technology.

Easy Engagements – We work together on every deal for the full life cycle of your client


• You identify the opportunity
• You register the deal that protects your engagement
• We assign dedicated, experienced cloud specialists and solution architects
• Together we have meaningful discussions with your customer to understand their objectives and challenges
• Together we provide solution options that meet your clients’ needs and budgets
• Our dedicated implementation managers work with your team to guide customers through turn up and delivery
• Joint post-sales customer support and escalation are reviewed with customer

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