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Selling Cloud shouldn’t be a burden – SingleHop makes it Easy!

Cloud services are the single greatest revenue opportunity in the channel in the past 15 years yet picking the right provider to align your business with can seem daunting and risky. Adding cloud services to your portfolio shouldn’t take heavy lifting, making big investments or reinventing your business. Regardless of your business model, it’s not about selling technology or any particular flavor of cloud – It’s about understanding what your customers are trying to accomplish and creating a holistic solution that meets all of those needs across multiple delivery platforms.
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  • How It Works

    1. We work together on every deal

    Our teams join forces to achieve a common goal, working together to make sure that we present the most compelling business case to your client.

  • 2. We take over from there

    Once a deal is closed, we’ll take it from there and deploy the solution for the client. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. We will never sell around you or steal your customer. We work with you not against you.

Channel Partner Overview

With 8 years of industry leading experience empowering partners across the world, SingleHop wants to make it easy to add highly scalable, secure, & compliant Enterprise On Demand Cloud offerings to your portfolio. SingleHop becomes an immediate extension of your sales & engineering team. Most importantly we understand how critical your reputation and customer relationships are, which is why we developed our Partner Bill of Rights to ensure you retain and grow that hard earned reputation.

  • Partner Empowerment

    • Partner Bill of Rights
    • Deal registration/protection
    • Partner Easy Quote Tool
    • Co-Branded Sales Collateral
    • Partner Empowerment Training
    • Joint Marketing Initiatives

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  • Fast Revenue Generation

    • Flexible contracting options, reseller or white label
    • Aggressive recurring commission and margins
    • Account level evergreen revenue protection
    • Internal compensation consulting
    • Bundle in your other offerings – Managed Services, Professional Services, Network Services, On-Prem Solutions

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  • Enterprise Support

    • Regional channel management
    • Experienced solution architects
    • Dedicated cloud specialists
    • Implementation managers
    • Account support and executive management sponsorship
    • 24/7/365 Technical Support

    Find out how we make IT easy

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