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We Make it Easy

When you partner with SingleHop, there’s only one thing you need to remember: we make it easy! We do all the heavy lifting to make your future sales easier than ever.
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  • How It Works

    1. We work together on every deal

    Our teams join forces to achieve a common goal, working together to make sure that we present the most compelling business case to your client.

  • 2. We take over from there

    Once a deal is closed, we’ll take it from there and deploy the solution for the client. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. We will never sell around you or steal your customer. We work with you not against you.

Channel Partner Overview

The marketplace is evolving into the cloud and we want to help you evolve with it by simplifying the process. Cloud is about IT service consumption, not a change in technology. We have the technical know how, so you can focus on solving your customers’ business problems. When it comes to navigating cloud infrastructure, we make it easy.

  • Cloud Adoption

    Cloud is changing the fundamental way people consume services. People are leveraging cloud-based services in their personal life and now they want to do it for their business. Your customers will find a cloud provider one way or another. Be sure that it’s you.

  • Revenue Generation

    You want to make money and we want to help you do so. Cloud services are our current greatest revenue opportunity. We want to empower you with cloud services to increase your share of your customer’s wallet.

  • 24/7 Support Staff

    • Design – with system architects
    • Migration – with dedicated project managers
    • Implementation – with dedicated project managers

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