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Public Network Overview

We provide our customers with access to two networks. Our public network provides connectivity to the general Internet. We also offer an Out-of-Band Internal/Private Network for internal communications between devices in our data centers. Our all-Cisco Public Network has capacity of over 150+ Gbps and 10+ Gbps between network layers, is designed to scale, and, above all else, be reliable and resilient no matter what is thrown at it. The network’s performance speaks for itself, maintaining 100% network uptime for the last three years in a row.

Network at a Glance

  • 150 + Gbps
  • 2 Hops to 15+Tier 1 Providers
  • 10+ Gbps between network layers
  • Fully redundant
  • Provider Networks:
    • AboveNet
    • Internap
    • N Layer
    • TellaSonera
Network Speed Test

Test the speed of the network by downloading a speed-test file. These files are located in CHI-2 (Elk Grove Village, IL).

Example Network Diagram

Every one of our data centers has its own internal network architecture designed to support the clients and servers hosted inside of it. This is an example of what a common data center network diagram would look like. Notice how every system is redundant and there are two paths or systems for every core function. That’s intentional and by design.