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High Availability Out-of-Band Private Network

Our Out-of-Band Private Network enables secure intercommunications between various devices within our data centers without using any public bandwidth. In addition to intercommunication, the private network offers remote access to your servers via a secured SSL-VPN for offline administration and management.

Key Benefits of the Private Network

  • Free access
    Cisco hardware
    Unmetered transit
  • Speeds up to 1 Gbps
    Secure remote access
  • Public Network

    While the private network connects your servers to each other, our award-winning Public Network is what connects you to the world. Learn more about how our 100%-uptime, high availability public network works.

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Example Network Diagram

We use a combination of Dell and Cisco hardware to provide this network to our customers. Customers are offered 100mbps connections at no cost with an upgrade to a gig port at a minimal cost. All configurations are done by our automation system, which guarantees very little errors compared to changes done by hand. The subnet allocations are managed by our systems and each server can be allocated more than one IP address.

Example Network Diagram