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Security Products and Services

SingleHop staff are disciplined in a variety of security services. We offer RealExpertâ„¢ security audits, Spam Filtering, Virus Scanning, and more. We also offer a variety of third-party services to help you achieve compliance.

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Automated Infrastructure Managed Services

Security Services

RealExpertâ„¢ Security Audits will be conducted on request by our experienced team of administrators, and will cover the many known security exploits on your managed server.

Security Services Pricing
RealExpertâ„¢ Security Audit $150.00 per audit for Linux $200.00 per audit for Windows
Server Side Anti-Virus Scanning $5 per month
Software Firewall Configuration $5 per month
Kernel & OS Updates $25 per month

Please note: Security scan does not include scanning of applications or custom written code. Scan focuses on base operating system and core applications. Certain limitations do apply, so please inquire for details or to schedule monthly service.