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Introducing the SingleHop Managed Data Migration.

We understand that moving from one hosting provider to another is stressful and taxing. The risk of downtime. The risk of data loss. The risk of not knowing if everything will work out correctly. The entire process can be very stressful for a business that depends on its infrastructure to survive and grow.

That's why we've designed our Managed Data Migration service to be as seamless and straightforward as possible. Our team has performed tens of thousands of migrations over the last decade. Trust in our experience and let our team of experts move your site or application for you, while you wait. After the migration is complete, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your website transfer is in the hands of a team of experienced data migration experts.

Tell us about the server
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We support all the popular platforms, including: cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, Ensim/Parallels Pro & Plesk.

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Our migration experts will evaluate your situation. This is not an automated service--we'll review your request by hand and get back to you personally.

We'll take it from here.

We'll provide a full migration plan and estimated time frame. Once you give us the OK, we'll start working while you wait. We'll keep you updated with regular updates along the way.

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Migration Process

Feasibility Review and Needs Assessment
One of our representatives from our System Administration department will send you a request for logins to you source server. We will also request from you to provide any pertinent information that should be known from our end to properly migrate your data. It is very important for you to include as much information to us as possible to move to the next step.
Migration Plan
During this stage, a member of our Senior System Administration team will access your server, and begin to formulate the plan that will be used to complete your migration. We will test transfer speeds, gather information about disk space used, CPU and RAM usage, and other aspects of your source server.
Start Transfer
Once we review the details with you and receive your authorization to proceed, we will begin the migration. During this phase, we start moving your data into the SingleHop infrastructure. We will be continually updating you through this process as it completes.
After the transfer of files completes, we will require your cooperation to ensure everything appears to function properly from your end. We will also ask you to check any custom configurations that were requested by you in the first step of the migration. It is best to completely compare the servers on both ends to be sure everything transferred properly.
DNS Transfer
Once you have confirmed that the final Sync was completed correctly and are happy with the result, then we will start to manage the DNS migration. The primary step is pointing your domains over to our network. We call this the 'cut-over' and we will help coordinate with your team to perform the DNS changes necessary to put your sites live at SingleHop.
Final Sync
Once the testing stage has completed, we will process another Sync from our end. What this does is update all files that have changed or are new to the destination server post Testing stage. This will ensure that any changes made to the original website are carried over, which will save your team work down the line.
Post Migration Follow Up
After the migration is complete, our New Client Services team will follow-up with you to ensure your process went smoothly, and to answer any other questions you may have. It is our number one goal here at Singlehop to provide you the most support possible to your new environment.