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SingleHop Kernel & OS Updates: Ksplice Uptrack

In a nutshell, Reboot-less Kernel Updates means your servers core operating system is automatically updated without the need to restart your server. Given that currently most updates do require a server reboot, and that each reboot amounts to a few minutes of downtime, reboot-less updates can save your business hours of downtime every year. Best of all, it's free with SingleHop Kernel & OS Updates.

Ksplice Uptrack is a new service that lets you effortlessly keep your Linux systems up to date and secure, without rebooting. SingleHop is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Ksplice to offer the Uptrack service to our customers.

Ksplice updates the core of your operating system, the kernel, while it is running-without disrupting your operations or requiring a reboot.

Visualization Demo

SingleHop Security Engineer Andrew Brooks Demonstrates Ksplice Uptrack in Action

SingleHop System Administrator & Security Engineer, Andrew Brooks, Demonstrates Ksplice Uptrack live in this 7 minute video using a real server.

Andrew Brooks is an experienced security engineer and has worked closely with Ksplice to bring Reboot-less kernel updates here to SingleHop.

Why is Ksplice Uptrack needed?

Today, every mainstream operating system requires regular reboots in order to be up to date and secure. Since reboots cause downtime and disruption, people are forced into the uncomfortable dilemma of choosing between security and convenience.

Ksplice enables running systems to stay secure without the painful disruption of restarting the system. Specifically, Ksplice creates rebootless updates that are based on traditional source code patches. These updates are as effective as traditional updates, but they can be applied seamlessly, with no downtime.

Ksplice currently only offers support for updating the Linux kernel, but the Ksplice Uptrack system methodology applies to any operating system or to user space applications and support for future systems is forthcoming.

For those who are curious or technically inclined, we offer the following link to display a much more technically detailed explanation of how Ksplice Uptrack works.

Click here to display additional technical information about how it works.

Ksplice Uptrack is available only on Linux-based servers. Not all Linux versions are supported. Please consult SingleHop sales for details.