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The LEAP Platform was put together to facilitate the design of true hybrid solutions, and to truly enable the design of a resilient architecture for your application. Through it's unified interface, clients can group together various infrastructure components, such as physical or virtual servers, and design them for specific use cases. You can chose to design your own solution. Test drive LEAP today

Design Your Own Solution

Through the Solutions Center within LEAP, clients are able to design and instantly deploy a solution. The LEAP Platform gives you unparalleled creative freedom when piecing together infrastructure components, which enables you to create solutions for specific uses, or departments within your organizations.

If you would like to come back at a later point in time to deploy your solution, simply save it, and it will stay around until you are ready to deploy it. once you have either deployed your solution, or saved it, you will be asked to assign a description to it. This is helpful when coming back to it, particularly when managing a large number of individual solutions. You are also given the option of sharing your solution, which will share your description, and configuration in any way that you would like.

  • Design a development testing environment
  • Design a solution for your high I/O database environment
  • Design a solution for a specific workload, such as your operational monthly reports

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