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Unified interface for deploying new solutions

With the LEAP Platform, deploying solutions, whether physical servers, virtual machines, or a combination to form a hybrid environment is made easy. Gain access through the Solution Center to a robust line of physical servers- all of which are deployed within one hour, as well as access to cloud computing options, load balancers and firewalls, and more.Once you are ready to deploy a new solution, you will be asked to name it, so that we can keep all of your infrastructure components in one area, making it easy to expand as you need to. Test drive LEAP today

  • Unified UI for deploying hybrid solutions
  • On-demand deployment; within 1 hour
  • Wide variety of robust services; physical servers, virtual machines, firewalls, load balancers and more.

Expand existing solutions by adding more resources

LEAP makes it easy to add additional resources to an already existing solution. By simply hovering over the solution box, you will be prompted with an option to “Add Component”, which when selected will present you with an option to add a dedicated server, private cloud, or public cloud.

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