SnapShield Firewall

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SingleHop SnapShield™ On-Demand Firewall

SnapShield™ is SingleHop's custom-designed on-demand firewall product. It enables any SingleHop customer to be able to instantly lock down access to a specific server or a group of servers through the LEAPwebtop interface.
SnapShield is powered by enterprise-grade Cisco™ firewall technology.

With SnapShield™ On-Demand Firewall Disabled

For most situations, you won't need an active, always-on firewall. If you need an always-on firewall, then consider purchasing your own dedicated hardware firewall, as it may be a better long-term option. However, for most dedicated server users a software-based firewall (such as Windows firewall or APF on Linux) is more than sufficient most-of-the-time. The below diagram demonstrates a configuration with SnapShield disabled:

With SnapShield™ On-Demand Firewall Enabled

When your website or server is attacked, a firewall will stop the damage before it happens. The problem is that firewalls are expensive. SnapShield enables you to click a button in LEAPwebtop and enable an advanced, enterprise-grade hardware-based firewall on the network level. This means its online instantly, and starts protecting you right away. Here is a diagram that demonstrates a configuration with SnapShield enabled: