LEAP Server Bailout System

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The Best Way To Rescue Boot Your Windows or Linux Server.

The Server Bailout System from SingleHop is integrated fully into LEAPwebtop. SBS allows you to boot your Microsoft Windows or Linux server into a Rescue Environment enabling remote troubleshooting, password resets and more.

  • Windows Bailout Mode
  • Linux Bailout Mode

Windows Bailout Mode

When Microsoft Windows servers have issues, rather than initiating an OS reload, the Server Bailout System can boot into our intuitive Windows Bailout mode. To do this, simply click on Enable Bailout System in LEAP, which will automatically recognize that the operating system is Windows and reboot the server into the rescue environment. The Windows Bailout Mode will give you access to the following applications:


RegistryLoaderPE is helpful if your dedicated server isn't booting as a result of a bad driver, or something in the registry that needs editing.

NTPWEdit Password Edit

NTPWEdit is a password editor for Windows dedicated servers. If you lose your password, rather than reloading your operating system you can simply change it by using NTPWEdit.

Recuva File Recovery

Recuva is a Windows utility that restores files that have been deleted from your server. This includes files that were emptied in the recycling bin, and more.

Mitec Regisry Recovery

Mitec Registry Recovery allows you to read files containing Windows 9x, NT, 2k, XP, 2k3 registry hives.

TestDisk Data Recovery

TestDisk was designed to help recover lost partitions, and to make non-booting disks bootable again. TestDisks can help to fix partition tables, recover FAT32 boot sectors, and much more.

System Information Viewer

SIV is a Windows utility for displaying useful Windows, network, and hardwaore information.


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Managed various aspects of your server, including rebooting, viewing graphs, and hardware details on your iPhone.