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On-Demand Virtual Servers

Virtual Server Use Cases

One very common misconception about cloud computing is that “the cloud” is a one-size-fits-all solution. In reality, a true cloud should be molded to your business needs. And that’s exactly what our VMware-powered public cloud delivers.

Not sure if Public Cloud is right for you?

  • Application Development

    Public cloud servers provide a stable and powerful platform for developing applications. With rapid provisioning, developers can spin testing environments in seconds. Build up, tear down, and store data for later; the public cloud empowers development teams with much needed computing agility.


    Responsive platforms lend themselves well to supporting collaboration. Spin up a VM for your project team that can scale to your needs dynamically. Build a standard collaboration space and take a snapshot. Whenever a collaboration platform is ready spin a VM off of the snapshot, you will have instant project management support in seconds.


    The elasticity of the cloud provides the perfect backdrop for e-commerce workloads. E-commerce solutions in the cloud benefit from reduced costs and more importantly can expand to meet the needs of increased demands whether they are planned increases or sudden spikes in growth.

  • Quality Assurance

    Public clouds offer a variety of tools that lend themselves to a standardized quality assurance environment. Create a standard test environment for a variety of operating systems and databases and take a snapshot of it. You can then use that snapshot to re-create the environment whenever you need.

    Disaster Recovery

    The decentralized nature of a cloud environment creates a platform that is disaster recovery ready. Add geo-load balancing for a disaster recovery solution that spans continents.


    Public cloud infrastructure creates a solid foundation for providing SaaS solutions because they are able to rapidly scale resources and help SaaS firms when it comes to intense resource workloads, such as pushing out patches or handling large periods of growth.

  • Web Hosting

    With public cloud, create a solid platform that provides your customers with a powerful blend of redundancy, instant deploys, and high availability, while reducing your current infrastructure costs.

    ERP Solutions

    Cloud-sourced ERPs come with a wide range of benefits over the more traditional approaches. ERPs operating in an enterprise cloud solution offer a fast standardized means of deploying. Cloud-based ERP solutions offer lower IT costs, anywhere availability, and increased collaboration and report syncing not found in traditional approaches.

    Custom Applications

    Public clouds create a perfect environment for developing and deploying custom applications. Whether the application is for external or internal use, you can spin a VM with a variety of operating system, database, and third-party software support to create the proper mix of support for your custom applications.

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