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SingleHop Public Cloud Servers vmware

SingleHop Cloud Servers offer a powerful blend of dependability, scalability, and ease-of-use in an enterprise-class VMware-based computing environment. Featuring native high availability, redundant SAN-based cloud storage, and best-in-class hardware and software choices, the SingleHop Cloud is an ideal environment to host your business applications, websites, or workflows. Best of all, with hourly, resource-based billing, you only pay for the computing resources that your organization actually uses and nothing more.

  • Hourly resource-based billing
  • High availability and autofailover
  • SAN-based cloud storage
  • 60-second deployment
  • Rule-based auto-scaling
  • Pause and restart capability
  • Manage via LEAP Client Portal
  • Windows and Linux VMs
Avg. Deploy Time : 60 Seconds
Price Starting at @ 6.5¢/hour

or Monthly Starting @ $45.27/mo

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Average Deployment Times Public Cloud Servers

Servers Average Deploy Time
(Past 12 months)
Average Deployment Time
(Past 30 Days)
SLA Maximum Time
Build Your Own Server 68 Seconds 63 Seconds 90 Seconds
Standard Public Cloud 59 Seconds 58 Seconds 90 Seconds