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About the SingleHop Cloud Platform

Enterprise-class VMware-powered Cloud Computing Platform

At SingleHop, we know that your cloud computing needs are as unique as your business is. One very common misconception about cloud computing is that "the cloud" is a one size fits all solution. In reality, a true cloud should be molded to your business needs. And that's exactly what our VMware-powered Public Cloud delivers.

Deploy as many or as few resources as you need. Write auto-scaling rules to automatically increase resources as needed. Add a load balancer when your traffic spikes. For us, flexibility is a key ingredient. And that means offering a wide range of services that can be easily added to any Cloud Server.

SingleHop Cloud Platform Key Features

Powered by VMware

SingleHop's Public Cloud Servers and Enterprise Private Clouds are powered by software from VMware called vCloud Suite and managed from within SingleHop's LEAP control panel. The result is the industry's most robust and easy-to-use enterprise-class Cloud Computing platform.

  • Rapid deployment of resources
  • SingleHop LEAP Control Panel
  • Dynamically scale up and down
  • Windows & Linux Support
  • SAN-based Cloud Storage
Enterprise-class Virtualization Technology

With enterprise-class virtualization with built in high availability, SingleHop's Cloud Computing platform offers the best combination of flexibility, scalability and ease-of-use. This means you can run a wide-range of operating systems, scale resources indefinitely as needed and rest assured that if something happens to your Cloud Server, it will automatically and instantly failover to another node.

Fast and Reliable Cloud Server Deployment

When you need a Cloud Server, you need it fast. With the SingleHop platform, you'll get them fast. Standard Cloud Servers deploy in 60-seconds on average while our SLA guarantees that it will take no more than 5 minutes.

Automatic Failover / High Availability

If your Cloud Server crashes for any reason, it will automatically failover to another node in the SingleHop Cloud. This failover takes seconds, is initiated instantly and is very often entirely transparent to end-users. This is possible because of the fast, redundant SAN-based Cloud Storage that is leveraged by the SingleHop Cloud.

Automated Load Balancing

Within LEAP, you can automatically balance load across Cloud Servers to make sure that your application is always available whenever you need it.

Automated System Patching

Automated System Patching on all levels of our Cloud platform ensures that your system will always be up-to-date and secure.

Rule-based AutoScaling

Leverage our Rule-based AutoScaling technology to write business rules that define when your Cloud Servers increase or decrease their allotted resources based on real-time system status information. Ensure that your application is always available, even when load spikes.

Support for Windows & Linux

SingleHop Cloud supports both Windows and Linux operating systems, with multiple flavors of Linux supported. VMware Cloud Servers include free Enterprise SUSE Linux licenses.