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Unlimited Choice and Flexibility

Only we offer the flexibility to deploy only the specific services you need, when you need them, on any server, and in any facility. All services are expertly deployed by our award-winning automation or by our certified system administrators.

Bare Metal, Cloud, or Both

Bare metal servers were designed with performance in mind to give you full control, while our cloud servers offer a powerful blend of dependability, scalability, and ease-of-use in an enterprise-class VMware-based computing environment. Or you can mix and match for a combined bare metal and cloud solution.

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North America, Europe, or Both

We operate a number of strategically located, highly automated enterprise-class data center facilities in North America and Europe. You can choose any of our data centers in which to house your infrastructure or house parts of your infrastructure in multiple data centers.

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Single-Tenant or Multi-Tenant

Through our cloud solution, you can choose a public, multi-tenant cloud solution or a private, single-tenant cloud solution.

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Fully Managed or Self-Managed

You can have a fully managed, fully unmanaged, or anywhere-in-between solution. Mix and match solutions because we will build your solution how you want it.

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Public Network or Private Network

Our public network is not only fast, but also guarantees 100% uptime. Our private network is non-discovery and non-announce for ultimate security. While the private network connects your servers to each other, our public network is what connects you to the world.

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Web Panel, Smartphone, or API

Design, deploy, and manage all infrastructures from any of our global data centers through our LEAP portal, which is accessible via the web, iPhone and Android devices, and through LEAP’s DropZone, Tandem, and Standard API interfaces.

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