Update on Giving Back to CasaCentral

This morning I arrived at work and to my surprise I found a stack of 9 awesome Thank You cards from the grateful children at Casa Central sitting on my desk. Decorated with drawings and words of gratitude, it instantly put a smile on my face….what a great way to start the day! It was just a little over a month ago that several SingleHoppers got together at our local Target to pick out gifts for their Christmas trees. We know this year has been difficult for a lot of families, and SingleHop just wanted to give back to those families in need, we never expected anything in return. Daniel Salcedo, VP of Communications, said it best when I asked him about the cards, “I was blown away, it made my day. I did not expect them at all and make me even more glad that I participated.”

For more information on the event, please check out our previous blog post, “SingleHop Gives Back By Helping Local Chicago Charity” (http://www.singlehop.com/blog/2009/12/22/singlehop-gives-back-by-helping-local-chicago-charity/)

To donate or learn more about Casa Central, please visit: www.casacentral.org