SSL-VPN Advisory for Customers using Windows 8

This is a security advisory regarding the Array Networks SSL-VPN service that we provide to some of our customers. If you use this service and happen to use Windows 8 on your computer, please read this advisory and the attached files carefully.

Advisory: If you have accessed the SingleHop SSL VPN and installed the SSL VPN client on Windows 8 prior to Monday, February 18, 2013, you must read the critical issue notification (PDF -- SPX AG Critical Issue Notification) and use the attached tool (Removal Tool) remove the client instead of using the traditional methods.

Using the regular/control panel uninstall method will cause damage to Windows 8 system files and your Windows 8 installation will not function normally as a result.  The only way to fix this problem if uninstalled using the traditional method is to reinstall the Windows 8 OS.  If you have not uninstalled the software, please upgrade the software with the latest version (currently available on the SingleHop SSL-VPN) immediately.

If you do not leverage the SSL-VPN service or do not currently use Windows 8 then you may disregard this advisory.