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Aug 27, 2013
Chris Locke

If the campaign for cloud infrastructure keeps failing, it’s time to try a new strategy. Too many IT heroes fall because they don’t know how to talk to a CFO. IT and finance employ languages as different as C++ and Ruby. Virtualization and cloud IaaS may be exactly what your organization needs, but you must […]

How Your CFO Will Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud
Aug 26, 2013
Andrew Brooks

A few days ago, just after installing some new software, I ran into a curious bug that prevented one of my favorite programs from loading after Software X had been installed (names have been changed to protect the guilty).  The error I was getting way up in userland informed me that a driver could not […]

Stack Trace
Aug 23, 2013
Dan Ushman

With all of the hype surrounding cloud nowadays, it’s easy to get a bad case of tunnel vision while researching infrastructure platforms for your business. Many businesses focus so much on cloud that they sacrifice the optimum environment for the sake of using the cloud. In this blog post, I am going to make a […]

Hybrid Cloud
Aug 16, 2013
David Dunlap

A little part of me dies inside whenever I hear people liken cloud computing to the power grid or some other utility. There are of course some definite similarities. When we plug something into an outlet we expect the power to work. Once started, utilities offer high availability of services.  Some forms of cloud computing […]

Aug 11, 2013
Andrew Brooks

When we left off last week, we had just gotten started with Minion by Mozilla and while we did (superficially) cover plugins, setting up the virtual machine, and adding users, there’s still a lot more we can learn about this awesome and powerful framework.  For the sake of keeping things simple, let’s keep working with […]

Stack Trace
Aug 9, 2013
Chase Ewing

It’s a tough world out there. With so many important services being susceptible to hacking (the most recent target, the Ubuntu Forums), I thought it would be a good idea to educate some SingleHoppers out there with some good pointers on keeping your LEAP account safe and secure. The most important thing you can do […]

The art of not losing your passwords
Aug 4, 2013
Andrew Brooks

In a previous blog post, I talked about the importance of empowering your developers with security tools, such as Arachni and W3AF.  Last week, while getting caught up on some security-related mailing lists, I came across a platform created by Mozilla called Minion, which is designed to do just that.  From the Mozilla Wiki: Minion […]

Stack Trace
Aug 2, 2013
David Dunlap

Words are tools we use to describe ideas and the world around us. Often times we can find a word whose description is a perfect fit for the concept we are trying to imply. Depending on the connotation, we might believe that the word, even if it’s a perfect fit, might be a way to […]

Jul 31, 2013
David Dunlap

Daily Host News released their interview with Dan Ushman, our CMO, yesterday and it makes a good read. Here is an excerpt from the interview: DHN: I am a guy who wishes to get into hosting-reselling business, but has very little resources to do so. What additional value can ‘Tandem’ provide me with, when compared […]

Jul 30, 2013
Chris Locke

Welcome to my second post of the Finance in the Cloud blog series. In my first post, I described why CFO’s should love the concept of virtualization. With virtualization, IT infrastructure and fixed asset investments are maximized by utilizing as much of the computing power as possible. But let’s face it, the move to virtualization […]

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