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Jan 24, 2014
Mark Cravotta

We recently began working with a new partner, Alert Logic, a Security-as-a-Service provider. Our goal in working with Alert Logic is to give our customers flexible options for securing networks, systems, and applications in their data centers. Over a few articles, we’ll introduce Alert Logic’s security solutions, starting with network security using Alert Logic’s Threat […]

Network Security P1
Jan 21, 2014
Stephanie Crets

Ever since the revelation of PRISM last summer, many European companies using U.S.-based cloud computing providers have been very nervous. They fear their data is no longer protected within the cloud if the prying eye of the NSA (National Security Agency) has access to it. The levels of trust in the U.S. market are starting […]

Trust in Europe
Jan 17, 2014

If you’re a business that wants to improve or expand your IT infrastructure, you may be faced with financial management decisions revolving around Capex and Opex. First of all, what do those terms mean? Capex, or capital expenditures, are those paid upfront as a long-term investment that will provide future benefits, such as purchasing a […]

Opex cs Capex
Jan 16, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

The first release of the new year. Definitely an auspicious occasion. To get things started for the new year we had three large focuses in this release. The first was to take a holistic approach at the way that the LEAP3 portal handles account password resets. We made three updates within this area to ensure a […]

Jan 14, 2014
Zak Boca

As another exciting year for SingleHop closes out, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the great things that happened in the business. Earlier this year, we added VMware-based private and public clouds to our offerings. What is most significant about adding VMware is that it extends our enterprise-grade solutions into the […]

2013 in Review
Jan 10, 2014
Deanna Swanson

Each year starts with a frenzy of lofty promises: “I will lose 20 pounds,” “I will eat better,” “I will pay off my debt,” “I will remember to call Aunt Betty each month,” and so on. With so much focus on resolutions — media coverage, studies regarding the effectiveness of resolutions, and a whole industry […]

Fresh Start
Dec 23, 2013
Jordan Jacobs

In development, change is a constant. Software must respond to changes in software and hardware, while being responsive to customer needs. Along with going over the highlights of our latest updated, 3.2.2, I want to briefly go over how an idea turns into a finished feature. SSL encryption for LEAP3 has always been an option […]

Release 3.2.2
Dec 20, 2013
Andy Pace

Network design for a data center is more than just making a bigger network than what you have at home. It involves creating a plan based off of what matters the most to you or your business and selecting gear that brings that plan to life. When it was time to design SingleHop’s network, we […]

Network Design 101
Dec 17, 2013
Lucy Wert

The other night, I participated in one of the most rewarding evenings since I started at SingleHop back in April. Regardless of what I celebrate, to me December is the season of giving, and it’s my favorite time of year. So, what was this magical experience I had? A group of Hoppers, including our two […]

Charitable Giving