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Feb 16, 2007
Zak Boca

How many times have you talked to a doctor and not known what the hell he was talking about? What about a lawyer, maybe a car mechanic, or even a computer technician? Well what’s interesting is that these are MASSIVE industries, and it’s rare to see an organization that can present their services on a […]

Feb 1, 2007
Dan Ushman

Before I start, I want to give a little background. SingleHop operates a very comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) system which generates a lot of information. We store this information in a MySQL database, and as the database has grown over time we have had trouble keeping up with our backup needs. Lucky for us, […]

Jan 31, 2007

Before we go anywhere, I wanted to say that I hard a hard time writing this article. The reason I say this is because CentOS and RHEL are essentially the same thing. Both distro’s use the same binary package format (RPM). Both use the same kernel version (I briefly discuss what a kernel is below). […]

Jan 26, 2007
Andy Pace

We hear it all of the time. “How did you set up our server so quickly?” Well, read on, and we’ll tell you a bit about how we’re able to deploy servers in less than two hours. SingleHop utilizes the PXE protocol (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preboot_Execution_Environment) to deploy new production environments. Not only does this allow us to […]