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Jul 21, 2009

Why not connect with us here at SingleHop through social networking sites? We are dedicated to keeping at the forefront of social networking, and it has had a big impact on how SingleHop does business. It’s a new way for us to connect with our clients and build long-lasting relationships. Listed below are some of […]

Jul 13, 2009
Chris Larkin

I get a lot of questions about what the benefits are of having a RAID array versus a backup solution. Often potential clients see them as redundant, but that is definitely not the case. I am going to briefly outline the pros and cons of each and explain why having both is your best bet. […]

Jun 24, 2009
Chris Larkin

I recently took a look at a dedicated hosting directory and there were more then 100 companies listed, with so many choices how does one pick the right host for their needs? To begin, the dedicated hosting market is completely saturated with everything from huge companies that own multiple data centers, (The Planet, Softlayer, Rackspace) to […]

Jun 18, 2009
Dan Ushman

So you are looking for a dedicated server, and realize oh jeez I don’t know a whole lot about managing a dedicated server. Besides doing the obvious and making sure your server is managed you should think about getting yourself some sort of control panel. Control panels will give you the ability to do important […]

May 21, 2009
Dan Ushman

Hey everyone, this is J Miller. In case you haven’t heard, for the past few weeks the buzz around here has been focused on the new Data Center. While the new place IS amazing, a lot of the buzz concerned how much work it took to get it ready, and believe me, everyone worked 110% […]

May 19, 2009
Zak Boca

After several months of planning, and a number of very late nights from the dedicated staff at SingleHop, we’re happy to announce the expansion of our footprint in the Chicagoland area! The initial phase of this expansion includes space for over 2,000 servers, which we plan to grow to 10,000 servers in the facility. Highlights: […]

May 15, 2009
Chris Larkin

I recently took the plunge and signed up for a Twitter account more out of curiosity then anything else. I had heard a lot about it and people I know had Twitter accounts, but I did not really see much of a use for it as a tool to use at work. So, at first […]

May 5, 2009

Here at SingleHop, a lot of people know we do things differently but they probably don’t expect our company meetings to be different too! Last Thursday we held a company meeting after  hours to discuss our recent growth and new data center while taking some much needed relaxation on our 3rd floor deck. After a long discussion headed […]

Apr 29, 2009
Zak Boca

I would like to start off by saying that I am not just an employee here at SingleHop.  I am also a client. I have an e5200 server that I bought from SH a few months ago. On this one, and other servers that I’ve owned, I had 10-megabit connections. Although I wanted more capacity, […]

Apr 22, 2009

Even as we celebrate 400% growth for Q1 of this year, our development schedule continues to buzz. Last week we released our blazingly fast, unmetered, and secure Private Network. It allows customers to have inter-server and non-public network connectivity at speeds of up to 1Gbps. So this week, it was just natural to compliment the […]