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Oct 12, 2009
Chris Larkin

When one is just starting out, be it as a start-up company with a great new web application, a small business with a mostly static website, or even a shared hosting company, chances are a dedicated server is not needed right off the bat. Most VPS accounts will provide root access to install whatever is […]

Oct 1, 2009

For all of you who are going or thinking of going to the cPanel conference in Houston – October 5-7 – there is now one more reason to attend: SingleHop will be there! Make sure to stop by table 19 in the exhibition hall to pickup some SingleHop memorabilia, learn about all our new and […]

Sep 30, 2009

It’s 3AM, and your server is getting attacked. Sales opens at 9AM, and the data center techs have done everything viable to protect your machine. What to do next? How do you protect your server without spending a fortune? Well, to answer that question is why we created SnapShield- an on-demand virtualized firewall ready to […]

Sep 17, 2009
Dan Ushman

Leap Features Leap has been with us for quite some time now, but it is continually receiving new features and getting upgraded in all sorts of ways. So, I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know about some of the features it has and explain how they work, I’ll start […]

Sep 14, 2009

We all know it doesn’t take a long time to sense the future prospects of an employer, and so, while I have been at SingleHop for less than a year I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of positive feedback we constantly receive. This feedback has helped me understand the kind of company that […]

Sep 8, 2009
Eric Schrombeck

Microsoft’s Hyper-V has been around for a little over a year now, and in that time it has proven to be quite a stable hypervisor. This is excellent if you are looking to reduce hardware costs by consolidating many machines into one, or if you would like to resell virtual private servers to your own […]

Sep 1, 2009
Chris Larkin

One feature that SingleHop offers that I don’t think gets enough attention is our Spam Filtering service. Even though both of the control panels we offer, cPanel and Plesk, have spam filtering options, the real belle of the ball is our MailFoundry device, so I thought I would do a quick write up and talk […]

Aug 18, 2009

You have spoken and we have heard you: an easier, faster and more intuitive way to control your server is now here.  While we are extremely proud of LEAPwebtop, where you can thoroughly manage your server on a desktop-like environment, there is now a simpler and more user friendly solution for tasks like submitting tickets, […]

Aug 4, 2009

We have been using LiveZilla to help sell dedicated servers for the last couple of months and so far it has been working very well. One of the biggest motivators to make the switch was the value that we can get from LiveZilla versus LivePerson. LiveZilla provides free live chat support with no limit on […]

Jul 21, 2009

Why not connect with us here at SingleHop through social networking sites? We are dedicated to keeping at the forefront of social networking, and it has had a big impact on how SingleHop does business. It’s a new way for us to connect with our clients and build long-lasting relationships. Listed below are some of […]