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Apr 9, 2014
Sam Bowling

I’m sure many of the people reading this blog post have heard about the recent exploit released Monday labeled CVE-2014-0160 better known to the Internet as Heartbleed. Heartbleed is an exploit on OpenSSL version 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f that allows an attacker to pull arbitrary data out of a server’s memory to retrieve various information. How […]

HeartBleed Bug
Apr 4, 2014
Chase Ewing

Lately, our support staff has been seeing a large amount of servers compromised at the root level by a very sneaky and dastardly SSH Rootkit. Throughout the past two years, various hosting companies, security researchers, and other concerned parties have been steadily compiling more and more information about the rootkit and its related tools. As […]

eBury RootKit
Mar 31, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

The latest version of our ongoing efforts to provide a better platform adds a few interesting features. In our last version we added bandwidth pooling as well as a bandwidth usage enhancements in the form of notifications. We are also adding API controls for our upcoming feature LEAP Monitoring Center. And, as usual, we fixed a […]

LEAP 3.3.3
Mar 28, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

We officially released our community feedback site, SingleHop Ideas, back in mid-January. When we launched the community site, it was our hope that we could create a direct line of communication between our developers and our customers. Through talking to our customers we could ascertain their needs and develop features that catered to those needs. […]

Ideas Reaches a Milestone
Mar 25, 2014
Rick Talavera

With increased threats of hacking and social engineering, passwords alone no longer suffice for account security. Many businesses have tried to combat growing security concerns surrounding passwords by enforcing strict guidelines that require users not only to include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols in their passwords, but also to change them frequently. […]

Two Factor Authentication
Mar 4, 2014
Michael Sparks

RAID arrays are an incredible piece of technology capable of a variety of things. However, they are often misused. This misuse stems from a lack of knowledge in exactly what RAIDs are used for. Let’s first examine some common scenarios. Home Server Scenario Imagine you were  convinced by a box store retailer that RAID1 was […]

Mar 3, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

If you’ve logged in to your LEAP mobile app recently, you may have noticed a few changes. Our developers have been working tirelessly to get SingleHop’s LEAP mobile app platform working better for you in order to create a seamless experience and make it easier to manage your infrastructure from anywhere. With the LEAP mobile […]

LEAP mobile
Feb 28, 2014
Sean Foote

Affiliate Marketing has traditionally been a B2C marketing channel. This makes sense given that affiliate messaging has historically been largely promotional in nature. That messaging has catered to smaller impulsive buying decisions (consumer products) that do not require much, if any, due diligence. However, few businesses that plan to stay in business long make purchasing […]

Affiliate Marketing
Feb 19, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

Improvements come in many forms. Some are derived from big changes or the addition of a wholly new set of tools. These are generally called features. Other improvements are smaller. These are steps towards fine tuning performance or towards ensuring a feature delivers fully on the functionality it promised. In this version of LEAP, we […]

LEAP Release 3.2.2