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Jul 7, 2014
David Dunlap

The Geek is Strong With This One! Geekness day is around the corner and we have decided to look inward this year at the employees of SingleHop in search of the head geek. Nearly every employee at SingleHop has a variety of subjects that geek out to. Here are a handful of the honorable mentions: […]

Honorable Mentions
Jun 12, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

The latest version of LEAP adds IP Whitelist functionality. This functionality allows users to add, edit, or delete IPs through the Dropzone API. As a courtesy, we have imported any IPs that have accessed your account within the past 30 days to this feature for you. You should confirm these IPs and make any modifications […]

LEAP 3.5
May 27, 2014
David Dunlap

The Brethren of the Coast, more commonly known as pirates, innovated society in several ways and many of their values have continued on today. More importantly, the pirates of the New World were able to find success against overwhelming odds and thrived in an incredibly hostile environment. The stories of their courage and skill almost […]

Pirates and Business
May 23, 2014
Deanna Swanson

We love our loft-style office with its green walls, exposed brick, and rooftop deck in the heart of River North. But it’s just not perfect.  Everyone is split up between two different floors of the building. The elevator is always a gamble on whether or not you’ll make it to your desired floor. The dishwasher […]

May 20, 2014
Zak Boca

I’m excited to announce that we’ve secured $14.8 million in debt financing, which is being led by Silicon Valley Bank with participation from Farnam Street Financial Inc. This round of financing brings us to a total of $42 million raised over the last two years. This funding comes at a time when enterprises are adopting […]

May 16, 2014
Zak Boca

In honor of National Small Business week, I want to highlight the 150,000 SMBs that helped me throughout my career in the SMB world and how the lessons I learned from them influence SingleHop today. My career has been spent servicing the small business space. Prior to SingleHop, I ran midPhase, a shared web hosting […]

150000 SMB
May 13, 2014
Sean Foote

There are many things to consider when planning a cohesive cross-channel marketing strategy. Not only what to consider, but also when to consider it can be the key to success and getting optimum ROI on your marketing investments. These decisions and overall scope across channels can be overwhelming – even for the experienced marketer. This […]

Attribution and Marketing Infographic
May 9, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

In the latest episode of LEAP, our control panel has undergone several fixes and some added functionality. Fixes center on four main areas of functionality. These four main areas include: password changes, bandwidth, templates, and hostname validation. Password changes include a few fixes when it comes to special character issues and encryption. Bandwidth changes include […]

LEAP 3.4
May 6, 2014
Dan Ushman

Next time you walk through a major electronics store, take a moment to look at the plethora of Internet-connected gadgets we can use every day. There’s an incredible amount of innovation happening here by both new upstarts and existing giants. Everything now-a-days seems to have a CPU and connection — from TVs to thermostats, smoke […]

Internet of Things