Feb 16, 2010
Dan Ushman

My co-workers know this already, but I figured I’d share it here anyway. I’m a bit like a ‘kid on Christmas’ when the mail comes—I always run down to the mailbox and pick it up and then sort through it myself. Oh well, we all have our idiosyncratic little tendencies and this one is one of mine. Any way, every so often, I get a letter from the BBB in the mail. I don’t know why they don’t switch to E-mail, but that is neither here nor there. Their letters could be a number of things, like an advertisement from a fellow member company, our annual membership dues, or it could be a complaint from a customer.

Last February (2009) I got a letter from our local BBB chapter, which came at an odd time, and wasn’t a complaint, bill or ad. It was a certificate, made out to SingleHop. We were being honored by the BBB for a full calendar year (2008) without them receiving as much as a single customer complaint about us. Naturally, I was ecstatic about the certificate, and ran to my keyboard to post about it on this Blog. Then, I hung it proudly on the wall by the entrance to our office, front and center.

I’m very happy to announce that it happened again for ‘09, and now there are two certificates hanging on the wall. SingleHop has not been the subject to even so much as one BBB complaint in both 2008 and 2009, and that’s something that most web hosts, including almost all of our competitors, can’t claim.


    Congrats Singlehop for this great achievement. Kudos!!

    Posted by Rahul Nimawat on February 16, 2010 Reply


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