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Apr 9, 2010

More performance! When it comes to Mysql database hosting the issue of more speed and performance is always paramount. So,  as part of our series on database hosting issues we want to provide you  some tips for understanding the query cache and optimizing it based on your usage for the best database performance. The query […]

Jul 15, 2010

Cloud computing has moved from the high-level fringes to the mainstream in the last few years, and one of the main reasons has been the increasing popularity of “software as a service.” Software as a service (SaaS) is web-based software which allows the user to access an application or database from any computer with an […]

Jun 7, 2012

As many of you may know, there has been a confirmed hack of over 6.5 million Linkedin/eHarmony accounts.  So if you are on Linkedin or eHarmony and happen to use the same password for your LEAP account, it would be in your best interest to change your password promptly, for security reasons.  If you believe […]

Feb 15, 2010
Sam Bowling

Here at SingleHop we deal with a lot of sites that are heavy in MySQL database usage and over time the dedicated servers end up with so much traffic that their MySQL service gets overloaded. There are many options we here at SingleHop utilize to expand their MySQL service and I’d like to go over […]

Aug 27, 2012
Lisa Margetis

Here is an overview of a recent design project completed by SingleHop designer Lisa Margetis. Lisa created the look & feel of the SingleHop: “The Platform You Can Depend On” campaign entirely using real photos of the SingleHop Chicago-2 data center and a new, simple typography based servicemark. Below, she details the task and the […]

Mar 29, 2010
Dan Ushman

A lot of folks have a misconception about web hosting. They presume that it is a field that exists purely digitally. This is understandable, since most people are not privy to the underbelly of the beast—the data center and the work that gets done in it. In this post I hope to show the world […]

Sep 27, 2013
Eleni George

The moment I left, I knew I would be back… I knew it was only temporary when I accepted a position, at a smaller host, as a one-woman Customer Service Department. I told myself, “Self, you are not a traitor, these people are hardly competitors.” On that bittersweet day in April, 2012, I left SingleHop […]

The Lost Year
Apr 12, 2010

There has been a lot of hype in the SEO world surrounding Google’s new Caffeine search algorithm update. In all fairness, every time Google makes a chance, heads turn. It’s not a surprise that “how will this affect my rankings?” is the first question to pop into most webmasters heads the moment an algorithm change […]

Sep 24, 2013
David Dunlap

Content is one generic word. And yet, there is not a day that goes by where I don’t read about how you need “quality content,” but in all cases the blog, article, etc. never says how this is achieved or what quality content is. I am of the mind that if you write or design […]

Content is a Four Letter Word
Oct 24, 2013
David Dunlap

Access and enablement are not ordinarily associated with dedicated servers and maybe that should change. So let’s start that change here at SingleHop. The nuts and bolts of server lineup changes include removing outdated models and adding new ones. And there you have it; a new lineup is born. So why is SingleHop’s lineup change […]

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