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Jun 16, 2013
David Dunlap

IBM’s decision to buy out SoftLayer brings a lot of interesting intersections to light when it comes to traditional enterprise level computing, merging with the fairly new business model of automated infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) computing. SoftLayer’s business model centers on two products: dedicated servers and cloud computing. From there, we add managed services and various levels […]

Merger Ahead
May 15, 2009
Chris Larkin

I recently took the plunge and signed up for a Twitter account more out of curiosity then anything else. I had heard a lot about it and people I know had Twitter accounts, but I did not really see much of a use for it as a tool to use at work. So, at first […]

Apr 29, 2009
Zak Boca

I would like to start off by saying that I am not just an employee here at SingleHop.  I am also a client. I have an e5200 server that I bought from SH a few months ago. On this one, and other servers that I’ve owned, I had 10-megabit connections. Although I wanted more capacity, […]

Nov 18, 2009
David Szczur

A few new additions to SingleHop’s offerings may have some confused. With similar, and in some cases identical, specs from the Xeon 3000 line and the Core2 Duo, making an educated decision on which chip is best for your dedicated server can feel kind of like a joke to which you just don’t get the […]

Apr 16, 2009
Dan Ushman

In my blog post last Friday, I wrote about two new offerings that we released: Free Priority Support for LEAP mobile users, and our advanced cross-platform rescue environment, Server Bailout System. Today, I write excitedly late into the night to tell you about two more features that we’ve rolled out yesterday. I’ll save the best […]

Jun 11, 2013
Chase Ewing

In my previous article, I outlined what to do in case you have an abuse complaint lodged against you. A major issue in dealing with complaints is actually locating the source of the abusive activity on your server. If you have subscribed to our Managed General Services package for your server or device, you are […]

Apr 3, 2009
Luke Tworek

I’d like to take some time to discuss the new Bailout System we’ve just released. If you’re a client, you can access the system through our Leap Control Panel. Simply select your server and initiate the Bailout Mode. The system reboots your dedicated server and then uses PXE (Netboot) to boot it into the bailout […]

Jun 21, 2010
Dan Ushman

A short while ago, Zak Boca, our beloved President, CEO and head Pug groomer, floated the idea of launching a community forum so that our customers can interact with each other (and ourselves) in an open-to-the-public medium. SingleHop is a family, and we have always striven to make that clear: We’re more than just a […]

Apr 28, 2010

In the past few days there has been alot of buzz about SingleHop offering CloudLinux as the first product in our Cascade cloud hosting lineup. So while many computer enthusiast get fascinated when one puts the word “cloud” and the world “linux” together, what does this innovating OS really offer you that is cloud like […]

Oct 13, 2010

Until recently, choosing a control panel for your dedicated server was a fairly simple process. If you were using a Linux operating system on your server, you used cPanel, and if you were using Windows, you used Plesk. In theory, you could also choose to run your server without a control panel, but there’s very […]