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Jul 7, 2010

Now live and active, the Singlehop Community Forum is flourishing. Its only been just days since its debut, and already the community is growing rapidly as clients and staff utilize this technological learning tool. Besides a wealth of client-generated questions and answers, you’ll find tutorials designed by the staff, as well as by the Community. […]

Jul 9, 2010
Dan Ushman

‘Cloud hosting’ can be an ambiguous term. That ambiguity can make shopping for cloud hosting difficult. How are you to know what type of cloud hosting you need when you can hardly define it? Much like their Cirrus and Cumulonimbus brethren in nature, cloud hosting platforms come in a number of shapes and sizes, but […]

Jul 26, 2010

One often-overlooked advantage of cloud computing is the environmental benefit of moving resources from local computers to the web. As worldwide computer usage increases at an exponential rate, the amount of electricity consumed by computers is increasing almost as rapidly. Cloud computing can help reduce energy consumption (and related greenhouse gas emissions) by centralizing computer […]

Aug 24, 2010

A few weeks ago we received one of the most cherished pieces of mail that has ever come to SingleHop (pictured below). It was Inc. magazine’s package to officially welcome SingleHop to the legendary Inc. 500 list! While you may have heard that we are one of the fastest growing companies around, now we can […]

Aug 27, 2010

One thing I see way too often in this business is inexperienced clients getting themselves into trouble with unmanaged servers.  Some clients have never run a server before but feel that they can wing it, while others have a limited budget and decide that server management is not a worthwhile investment. Either way, they always […]

Sep 1, 2010

The INC 500 list- that is the list of the 500 fastest growing companies in America, was officially released a few days ago and includedSingleHop as the #58th fastest growing firm in the nation with increased revenues between 2006 and 2009 of 3896%! While we already mentioned the exciting news on our blog last week, […]

Sep 16, 2010

[Apparently did not check their own advice, as their site is currently offline! Either way it was one of the most unique webhost review sites that we have ever come across.] Today we found one of the most unique reviews on our company. If you are like many of us SingleHoppers, before you buy a […]

Sep 21, 2010

At SingleHop we are proud of the geographical diversity of our client-base. It means that our top-notch network engineering, customer service, and hardware is valuable, and highly coveted in countries all over the world. In fact, SingleHop can boasts of clients in over 100 countries! Today we continue this focus on offering the best hosting […]

Sep 23, 2010

If you didn’t catch the drift we are talking about SingleHop’s API! Starting today all SingleHop customers can request access to use our API to further customize and build powerful control into their hosting operations. Almost everything that our server management platform, LEAP, or reseller platform, Tandem, can do can now be further automated by […]

Mar 21, 2011
David Szczur

To the untrained eye, a server cabinet is nothing more than a tall, black metal box with locking doors on it. To the trained eye, however, it is a vessel of incredible potential. In my last post, I described how SingleHop installs core cabinets and other support equipment when we add new datacenter space. Today, […]