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Apr 17, 2009
Zak Boca

As you look more into SingleHop, you will find that we focus on being extremely transparent on all fronts. This means that during the bad times, downtime, or any other form of service interruption, you can be sure that we’ll communicate as openly as possible and with as much detail as possible. It also means […]

Jan 12, 2010

Last week there was a buzz going around the office and on Facebook regarding our recently delivered SingleHop Hoodies and American Apparel Jackets. Not only are they warm and comfortable but we were told by countless people that they look good. Really good. So when the questions of “where can I get one” started rolling […]

Aug 4, 2009

We have been using LiveZilla to help sell dedicated servers for the last couple of months and so far it has been working very well. One of the biggest motivators to make the switch was the value that we can get from LiveZilla versus LivePerson. LiveZilla provides free live chat support with no limit on […]

Jan 31, 2007

Before we go anywhere, I wanted to say that I hard a hard time writing this article. The reason I say this is because CentOS and RHEL are essentially the same thing. Both distro’s use the same binary package format (RPM). Both use the same kernel version (I briefly discuss what a kernel is below). […]

Aug 20, 2010

When I first started here at SingleHop, over two years ago, one of my first tasks was to overhaul our aging DNS system. We had been creaking along using zone files, but their number was quickly growing out of control. Also, we rely heavily on automation here, and using scripts to automatically edit files can […]

Aug 6, 2012
Matt Kuikman

Whether you’ve noticed it in the news or felt the results first hand, a lot has been changing in Google’s search engine results. They’ve been cracking the whip hard and many of their algorithm updates may influence your site’s rankings if you’re not careful. Therefore, here at SingleHop we’ve put together a short little summary […]

May 19, 2009
Zak Boca

After several months of planning, and a number of very late nights from the dedicated staff at SingleHop, we’re happy to announce the expansion of our footprint in the Chicagoland area! The initial phase of this expansion includes space for over 2,000 servers, which we plan to grow to 10,000 servers in the facility. Highlights: […]

Jan 18, 2012
Sam Bowling

If you look at tech blogs or most any technology-related website these days you will see people ranting against two major pieces of legislation that are on the table in American congress – the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act, Protect IP […]

Jul 24, 2008
Zak Boca

Hardware is constantly outdated, which, normally, presents a big problem for dedicated hosting clients. You get a server today and in 6 months your provider will naturally be offering a replacement of your server for new clients – with bigger and better stuff. While we can’t entirely solving that problem, we decided recently to begin […]

Jul 21, 2009

Why not connect with us here at SingleHop through social networking sites? We are dedicated to keeping at the forefront of social networking, and it has had a big impact on how SingleHop does business. It’s a new way for us to connect with our clients and build long-lasting relationships. Listed below are some of […]