Differences Between Data Centers

When you need to build a website, or expand on a current website, there are many things to consider when buying.  Choosing the right hosting provider is the most prevalent, but there are also many other things to keep in mind.  Like choosing the proper data center with the hosting provider, for example. 

Data center selection can come down to a couple different factors, so determining the right fit for what you need can be very important.  To help you differentiate data centers, each one is designated a Tier standard.  These tier levels help define the uptime of each data center, which can be important when weighing your decision.  There are four levels of tiers for data centers, with Tier 1 being the most basic and Tier 4 being the best available.  They can be defined as follows:

At SingleHop we now have three different data centers, with our third in Phoenix which opened up in April.  Our CHI-1 data center is a Tier 2 standard, while CHI-2 and PHX-1 both run at Tier 3 qualifications.

Choosing the proper one for you will come down to what all you need.  For smaller businesses or little shops running a website, Tier 2 could work well for you.  With less data than other companies, you would not need the added space and specs of a higher tier center.  For other companies running a lot of data, and who rely heavily on less downtime and the ability to add more servers, Tier 3 would be the way to go. Tier 4 data centers are mainly used for high priority content, that needs added security and big computer systems.