Apr 9, 2010

More performance! When it comes to Mysql database hosting the issue of more speed and performance is always paramount. So,  as part of our series on database hosting issues we want to provide you  some tips for understanding the query cache and optimizing it based on your usage for the best database performance. The query […]

Mar 17, 2010

If you’re looking for disaster recovery services, there are a lot of “solutions” in the market … but few of them offer the flexibility, transparency and ease of use as R1Soft. Whether you’re running a hosting company, a dedicated MySQL service, or backup hosting – R1soft is a top-rated choice. We’re now offering R1Soft backups […]

Mar 5, 2010

There used to be a time when auto insurance was not mandatory:  some people would get it and others would not. When someone had an accident and they did not have insurance, that was when they would run out and purchase a little more. Yes, a bit chaotic, but oddly enough the idea of a […]

Mar 1, 2010

Even with reliable software and competent users, there are still countless ways to lose or corrupt your MySQL data from your database server.  Fortunately, recovery is actually a straightforward process when you have reliable backups. InnoDB has an automatic internal recovery system, which much of the time operates transparently.  In the case of database hosting […]

Feb 15, 2010
Sam Bowling

Here at SingleHop we deal with a lot of sites that are heavy in MySQL database usage and over time the dedicated servers end up with so much traffic that their MySQL service gets overloaded. There are many options we here at SingleHop utilize to expand their MySQL service and I’d like to go over […]

Feb 10, 2010
Eric Schrombeck

While not a common necessity, I thought it would be a good idea to bring up the availability of clustering in Microsoft’s SQL Server with Singlehop. This is a technology that is available from us for both SQL Server 2005 and 2008 and is an excellent way to ensure near 100% uptime for your database […]

Oct 21, 2009
Chris Larkin

According to an article on theWhir.com, MarkMonitor.com released a report early this week that found phishing is at a two-year high. As most know, phishing is the process by which information such as logins, passwords, bank accounts, etc. are obtained by a malicious party representing itself as a trusted institution. This is done via various […]

Mar 31, 2009
Andrew Brooks

For most clients, security is often regarded as simply a component of their infrastructure. However, from a system administrator’s perspective, security is paramount. With the omnipresence of the Internet and constant connectivity, it should never be forgotten that at any given point in time, we are no more than 100 milliseconds away from some of […]

Jan 19, 2009

Setting up secure sites via WHM can often be confusing, but is also a requirement for encrypted transactions made on security-concious websites and applications. We here at SingleHop hope to break this process down into 10 easy steps! Certificate and Signing Request 1)For your certificate authority to generate you an SSL Certificate  you will most […]

Aug 1, 2008

We here at SingleHop have devised a system to keep your IP space clean of blacklistings. Find out how it works!