Mar 26, 2013
Aaron Hutchens

It is often said that the only manner in which a server can be secured would be to disconnect it and power it off. Kevin Mitnick, a rather well known Cyber Security Analyst, has gone so far as to add that all I/O devices should be removed from the hardware and the server should be […]

Feb 6, 2013
Andy Pace

Avoiding single points of failure has been part of our philosophy—and design—since the origins of our company. The philosophy includes avoiding single points of backhoes and diggers as well. Avoiding backhoes is no laughing matter, as the actions of heavy equipment operators, whether in front of your building or miles away, are beyond your control. […]

Jan 22, 2013
Andy Pace

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive a lot of attention for the way we leverage automation in the data center to operate efficiently, provide a better quality of service and improve the customer experience. When we first set out to automate our business, we weren’t trying to set any records or anything […]

Aug 28, 2012
Nick Fredrich

As you may already be aware SingleHop works hard to remain on the cutting edge when it comes to our network infrastructure. We invest a lot of money in upgrades in order to supply our clients with as little latency as possible. After all, what good is Infrastructure without reliable transport to connect it to […]

Aug 24, 2012
Eugene K

When working with servers, there comes a time when you will always have to make the tricky decisions: Do I need to use what’s known to be the “right” wheel or rather go with a more advanced option. The advanced option is compiling from source.  That means more control, but also more time invested. Lots […]

Aug 17, 2012
Matthew Doak

As a system Administrator at SingleHop, one common type of scenario that we run into almost every day is when a client will call or send us a ticket saying “Help!  My server is slow and we’re not sure why!” Depending on the server OS, there are a lot of different ways to approach troubleshooting […]

Jun 7, 2012

As many of you may know, there has been a confirmed hack of over 6.5 million Linkedin/eHarmony accounts.  So if you are on Linkedin or eHarmony and happen to use the same password for your LEAP account, it would be in your best interest to change your password promptly, for security reasons.  If you believe […]

Nov 14, 2011
Sam Bowling

Backups are important, even in the filesystem level! I’ve been a Linux user for around 13 years now and am amazed with how progressive the overall experience has become. Thirteen years ago you were using either Slackware 3, Redhat 5.x or Mandrake usually. Being 14 I was one of the “newbies” stuck on Mandrake because […]

May 15, 2010

This is our final If you have any experience with hosting MySQL systems you have probably come across the following error. Here are some tips on how to fix it. Error 28 is a common error message from your MySQL storage engine.  This message indicates that the drive is full – meaning that one or […]

Apr 23, 2010

This is one of our last installments of MYSQL tips, and we have gotten some good feedback from this series. Database hosting is one of the most important aspects of any complex hosted solution, being able to troubleshoot it correctly can save webmasters much time, and angst! In MySQL, ALTER TABLE statement allows you to […]