Apr 9, 2014
Sam Bowling

I’m sure many of the people reading this blog post have heard about the recent exploit released Monday labeled CVE-2014-0160 better known to the Internet as Heartbleed. Heartbleed is an exploit on OpenSSL version 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f that allows an attacker to pull arbitrary data out of a server’s memory to retrieve various information. How […]

HeartBleed Bug
Apr 4, 2014
Chase Ewing

Lately, our support staff has been seeing a large amount of servers compromised at the root level by a very sneaky and dastardly SSH Rootkit. Throughout the past two years, various hosting companies, security researchers, and other concerned parties have been steadily compiling more and more information about the rootkit and its related tools. As […]

eBury RootKit
Mar 4, 2014
Michael Sparks

RAID arrays are an incredible piece of technology capable of a variety of things. However, they are often misused. This misuse stems from a lack of knowledge in exactly what RAIDs are used for. Let’s first examine some common scenarios. Home Server Scenario Imagine you were  convinced by a box store retailer that RAID1 was […]

Jan 28, 2014
Chase Ewing

Have you logged into Web Host Manager (WHM) on your cPanel server recently? Perhaps you’ve seen this little message on your home screen: “The last attempt to update WHM and cPanel has been blocked” You might also be getting a notification every day that the cPanel updater is failing. Don’t worry, this is actually normal. […]

Surviving cPanel updated
Nov 19, 2013
Chase Ewing

Hello again. In our previous article on backups, we went over our backup system, R1Soft CDP, how to access the control panel, restore backups, and perform a Bare Metal Restore for disaster recovery. In addition to restores, you can perform some more tasks, such as policy management and reports via email. For each server and […]

Get Most Out of Backup 2
Nov 12, 2013
Chase Ewing

To a system administrator like myself, backups are considered the most important part of any solution. It is your safety net; your guardian. Our backup services here at SingleHop are powered by Idera (Formerly R1Soft) Continuous Data Protection (CDP). This service is charged per gigabyte (GB), and can be put to use on any dedicated […]

Get Most Out of Backup
Nov 1, 2013
Chase Ewing

One of the seemingly simple things that can be troublesome to get a grasp on is dealing with time zones on your devices and servers. Oftentimes, there can be a lot of discrepancy. These four tips will help you keep your servers on time and also help you when dealing with servers set to time […]

Time Zone Mastery
Sep 6, 2013
Will Newby

Here at SingleHop, we have 3-4 major systems that interact with each other constantly. These systems are: Manage (Our primary administrative interface and automation codebase) DropZone (Our customer-facing API) LEAP3 (Our client portal, you should know this one!) Most days, the system looks like this: You’ll notice that all of these services either expose or […]

SingleHop API Testing
Aug 9, 2013
Chase Ewing

It’s a tough world out there. With so many important services being susceptible to hacking (the most recent target, the Ubuntu Forums), I thought it would be a good idea to educate some SingleHoppers out there with some good pointers on keeping your LEAP account safe and secure. The most important thing you can do […]

The art of not losing your passwords