Mar 28, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

We officially released our community feedback site, SingleHop Ideas, back in mid-January. When we launched the community site, it was our hope that we could create a direct line of communication between our developers and our customers. Through talking to our customers we could ascertain their needs and develop features that catered to those needs. […]

Ideas Reaches a Milestone
Feb 7, 2014
Mark Cravotta

In their latest State of Cloud Security Report, our security partner Alert Logic shared some interesting statistics about the type and frequency of attacks their customers experience. Web application attacks represent a significant threat—Alert Logic’s analysis found that 7 out of every 10 customer environments experienced an average of 40 web application attacks over a […]

Secure Your Data Center
Jan 31, 2014
Mark Cravotta

The systems and applications running in your data center are a great source of security information. Events that happen while these systems and applications run are stored in log files or logs. By reading these logs you can tell who did what, to what, and when. Many government and industry regulations make regular review of […]

Secure Your Data Center
Jan 24, 2014
Mark Cravotta

We recently began working with a new partner, Alert Logic, a Security-as-a-Service provider. Our goal in working with Alert Logic is to give our customers flexible options for securing networks, systems, and applications in their data centers. Over a few articles, we’ll introduce Alert Logic’s security solutions, starting with network security using Alert Logic’s Threat […]

Network Security P1
Feb 8, 2013
Sean Foote

The needs of a small or medium sized business with expectations for rapid growth usually incorporate three main factors: security, scalability and simplicity. Think about it. A small business typically lacks the necessary resources to build out real infrastructure. Those limited resources are centered around both the required personnel and cash flow to implement what […]

Aug 9, 2012

Welcome to Part II of the Lost in the Cloud blog series.  In today’s entry, we will go over  the Public Cloud or shared cloud, in more detail.  As a quick refresher, let’s look at the general description of the Public Cloud first: Public Cloud Refers to what could also be called a shared cloud. […]

Feb 2, 2012

Any time you go into a new experience there is an adjustment period. This could be purchasing a new car, changing financial institutions, or starting a new job. The bottom line is that change takes time, patience, and understanding. At SingleHop we recently created a team of specialists that help our new clients adapt to […]

Nov 29, 2011

As many of  you know we recently launched the latest version of our LEAP platform, LEAP3 at Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, CA. I am pleased to say that the launch as well as the feedback thus far has been extremely positive. The web-based platform is a complete rewrite of its earlier predecessors and far […]

Nov 28, 2011
Kyle Kinder

As part of our recent public cloud launch, everyone in the company, and in particular the sales department, has been focused on expanding our knowledge.  This includes breaking down the products that already exist in the market and comparing them to what SingleHop has to offer.  Everyone on the team set out to compare our […]