Mar 13, 2012

Most of us work on a computer or even computers, throughout the day. We move from application to application, website to website, and all of this is happens without a second of thought behind how it all really works. I remember my first week on the job when one of our co-founders said “the hosting […]

Mar 21, 2011
David Szczur

To the untrained eye, a server cabinet is nothing more than a tall, black metal box with locking doors on it. To the trained eye, however, it is a vessel of incredible potential. In my last post, I described how SingleHop installs core cabinets and other support equipment when we add new datacenter space. Today, […]

Mar 3, 2011
David Szczur

Building a new data center, or expanding an existing one, is a monumental task. When it’s done right, our clients don’t notice a thing, other than the influx of available dedicated servers. But behind the scenes, it’s a real labor of love, with a lot of excitement and a lot of hard work. As SingleHop’s […]

Jan 24, 2011

SingleHop wouldn’t be where it is today (have we mentioned that we’re the fastest-growing hosting company in America?) without the people who build our systems and assist our customers, but our hardware is almost as important. After all, we’re a company that provides dedicated servers, and the beating heart of SingleHop is in our data […]

Aug 20, 2010

When I first started here at SingleHop, over two years ago, one of my first tasks was to overhaul our aging DNS system. We had been creaking along using zone files, but their number was quickly growing out of control. Also, we rely heavily on automation here, and using scripts to automatically edit files can […]

May 1, 2010

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