Dec 20, 2013
Andy Pace

Network design for a data center is more than just making a bigger network than what you have at home. It involves creating a plan based off of what matters the most to you or your business and selecting gear that brings that plan to life. When it was time to design SingleHop’s network, we […]

Network Design 101
Dec 10, 2013
Andy Pace

Either you’ve outgrown your server space or you’re a brand new company that needs to find a data center. So, what do you do? Shopping for a data center seems like a daunting process and it really can be, but if you know what to look for, you’ll find the right place in no time. […]

Data Center Shopping
May 21, 2013
Marc Bollinger

As the demand for the consumption of computing resources becomes more relevant, it’s time to consider moving your infrastructure to a more flexible model, the cloud. I’d like to start off with a scenario: Suppose your SharePoint Solution is comprised of several physical servers: one with Active Directory, one with SQL Server, and one with the SharePoint application. Deploying […]

May 10, 2013
Noah Halter

Hey! I’m Noah Halter, Lead Designer here at SingleHop. As you may have noticed, both our website  and blog has undergone a complete and total overhaul – SingleHop v5. We are all very excited about it, and consider it the best reflection of our brand to date, so I want to give everyone a bit […]

Mar 22, 2013
Matt Kuikman

Awhile back my boss asked me to lead up creating a blog program for our company. Having only written a few posts in my time, I immediately realized I had a lot to learn. After-all, if I was going to be advising other people at my company on how to write great blog posts, then […]

Aug 27, 2012
Lisa Margetis

Here is an overview of a recent design project completed by SingleHop designer Lisa Margetis. Lisa created the look & feel of the SingleHop: “The Platform You Can Depend On” campaign entirely using real photos of the SingleHop Chicago-2 data center and a new, simple typography based servicemark. Below, she details the task and the […]