Jun 16, 2013
David Dunlap

IBM’s decision to buy out SoftLayer brings a lot of interesting intersections to light when it comes to traditional enterprise level computing, merging with the fairly new business model of automated infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) computing. SoftLayer’s business model centers on two products: dedicated servers and cloud computing. From there, we add managed services and various levels […]

Merger Ahead
Jun 14, 2013
Dan Ushman

I’m sitting here writing this post while reflecting over the last few years. “Wow,” I think, “there has been a tremendous amount of hype about ‘the cloud.’” And there has been, be it how it saves money, speeds up prototyping, reduces time to market and increases efficiency on a number of levels. Honestly, unlike most […]

Jun 7, 2013
Matt Kuikman

This is the part where the training wheels come off and I impart a little bit of higher level paid search strategy that you can try to use on your own campaigns. If you’re not quite here, then perhaps go back and check out my previous two blog posts in this series. However, moving forward, […]

Markers on Mirrors Smart
May 31, 2013
Matt Kuikman

In the last article we started things off with the basics of paid search. Now it’s time to take a deeper dive inside the inner workings of paid search.  Here is where we’ll learn the importance of quality scores, match type, and the proper way to set your bids. Knowing these elements and how they […]

May 24, 2013
Matt Kuikman

In past articles we’ve gone to some pretty good lengths to teach you search engine optimization tips for optimizing your website to rank well in Google’s organic rankings.  However, organic search is just one aspect of search marketing.  So that’s why I’m changing things up a little this time. Today we are going to discuss […]

May 16, 2013

As the world wide web continues to evolve, so does search engine optimization. Techniques learned and employed over several years can be made obsolete by a single update to Google’s ranking algorithm. It pays to stay ahead of the trend so that your hard work isn’t destroyed by unexpected penalties. Here are seven ideas that […]

May 3, 2013
Deanna Swanson

Unnerved, you wait in the lobby. Your hands shake and you try to stop them by grabbing your knees. Unfortunately, a copy of your resume was in your hand and has now found a new home on the floor. You smile at the receptionist, but are greeted by a raised eyebrow. You lean forward to […]

Apr 26, 2013
Sean Foote

Though fairly new when looking at the long span of advertising in general (a few decades as compared to thousands of years), online display advertising follows a lot of the same general concepts of other forms of advertising. Let’s look at the seven best advertising practices and apply them to the online space. KNOW. Your […]

Feb 4, 2013
Dan Ushman

Everyone here at SingleHop enjoys talking about transparency—which is good because we get asked a lot about our innovative and apparently industry-leading approach to transparency and accountability. Much of the attention began early last year when David Strom, writing in the highly regarded tech pub ReadWrite authored an article about our policies that carried the […]

Dec 19, 2012
Matt Kuikman

Welcome back to the third and final phase of your keyword strategy training. In this epic conclusion of phase I and phase II of this keyword research series, we’ll focus on the import discipline of keyword management. After all, managing your keywords and monitoring your ranks is an important measure of success in SEO. So […]