Apr 11, 2014
David Dunlap

I am a big believer when it comes to hands on experience. There are just some things that must be felt. Entrepreneurship is one of those things. You will never truly understand everything that encompasses the process of developing an idea from passing thought to fully realized product, until you go out and do it. […]

Campus 1871
Feb 28, 2014
Sean Foote

Affiliate Marketing has traditionally been a B2C marketing channel. This makes sense given that affiliate messaging has historically been largely promotional in nature. That messaging has catered to smaller impulsive buying decisions (consumer products) that do not require much, if any, due diligence. However, few businesses that plan to stay in business long make purchasing […]

Affiliate Marketing
Feb 14, 2014
Dan Ushman

How many cloud and infrastructure providers tout technical support as the main and only reason to sign up with them? You’ve read it a hundred times and a hundred different ways. They all say the same thing: “we offer great support.” And I’m sure many of them do, but that’s not really my point. Read […]

Best Fit
Feb 10, 2014
Sam Bowling

  No one can predict when disaster will strike, human, natural, or otherwise. Without a disaster recovery plan in place, businesses could not only lose revenue and data, but potentially go out of business. According to the Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Downtime study, some of the primary sources of downtime reported include: UPS battery failure, accidental/human error, cyber-attack, equipment failure, […]

Infographic Disaster Recovery
Jan 21, 2014
Stephanie Crets

Ever since the revelation of PRISM last summer, many European companies using U.S.-based cloud computing providers have been very nervous. They fear their data is no longer protected within the cloud if the prying eye of the NSA (National Security Agency) has access to it. The levels of trust in the U.S. market are starting […]

Trust in Europe
Jan 10, 2014
Deanna Swanson

Each year starts with a frenzy of lofty promises: “I will lose 20 pounds,” “I will eat better,” “I will pay off my debt,” “I will remember to call Aunt Betty each month,” and so on. With so much focus on resolutions — media coverage, studies regarding the effectiveness of resolutions, and a whole industry […]

Fresh Start
Dec 3, 2013
Adrienne Wicklund

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as the means of doing something over and over again but expecting different results. In a vast technology industry with a rapidly growing company, it only makes sense that we take Einstein’s words to heart. We cannot expect that doing the same things over and over again will allow our […]

Changing Industry
Nov 29, 2013
Deanna Swanson

Who are we? This is such a simple question, with such a complex answer. Folks here at SingleHop each describe our environment in different ways, but trends emerge when you listen for a while. Here are some of the trends that I have recognized since joining the team. We are incredibly open, which like everything […]

Being Singlehopper
Nov 26, 2013
Lisa Margetis

Banner ads are everywhere. So much that most of us have “banner blindness.” Yep. That’s a thing. We have become so used to them, that blocking them out (or anything that sort of looks like them) has become a subconscious behavior. So when the average user is over saturated with all things advertising, how do you […]

Banner Best Practices