May 15, 2013
David Dunlap

My first hard drive was a big deal. Up until that time I was running everything off of floppies and that took forever. My first hard drive was a “daughter” card that was directly plugged into one of the ISA slots in the motherboard (we are in the way back machine mind you, circa 1980′s). […]

May 2, 2013
David Dunlap

It is one thing to be passionate about your own services. I would hope that this is a given. I think we should all be proud of what we do and who were work for. It is, however, quite another thing to find others who are passionate about what you provide. It is equally advantageous when others […]

Apr 3, 2013
Andy Pace

The big news around here is that we’ve just opened our fourth data center—this one located in Amsterdam. Ahhh! Amsterdam! What a city! It’s called “Venice of the North” for good reason with its 165 canals (about 15 more than Venice) and about 90 islands. Trees and tulips,  and all sorts of other beauties and charms that […]

Mar 28, 2013
Andy Pace

A few months ago, when Joe McKendrick over at wrote his 7 Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2013 That Make Perfect Sense, his #1 prediction was “More Hosted Private Clouds.” And his #6 prediction was “Cloud Talent Shortages Loom.” Based on these predictions, if he were picking stocks, I’d pay attention. The enterprise has […]

Mar 19, 2013
Zak Boca

What a year! Things went by so swiftly we’re all just catching our breath. So I thought I’d put down some thoughts on 2012 which was our best year ever, and marks another step along the path of growth we’ve been on since creating the company back in 2006. Our revenue grew by 35% over […]

Feb 19, 2013
Garett Murphy

This is a security advisory regarding the Array Networks SSL-VPN service that we provide to some of our customers. If you use this service and happen to use Windows 8 on your computer, please read this advisory and the attached files carefully. Advisory: If you have accessed the SingleHop SSL VPN and installed the SSL […]

Feb 19, 2013
Andy Pace

All of us here at SingleHop are excited about our our new SingleHop Public Cloud, powered by VMware. VMware provides a wealth of features that SingleHop is embracing to power our move into the world of utility-based cloud computing. With our new resource-based computing platform, you’ll be able to adjust your resources like turning the […]

Jan 26, 2013
Dan Ushman

We’ve always been a fan of lofty office space. We love the exposed brick walls. We love how the wiring and ventilation infrastructure is wide-open up-above. In our opinion, older buildings are better. But functionality and productivity are still number one. So when we ran out of space last year and needed to find a […]

Jan 23, 2013
Dan Ushman

Anyone who has been anywhere near a television over the past 20 years has probably at one time or another seen the hapless cartoon character Homer Simpson: “D’oh!” That phrase may come to mind when you consider the logic of going beyond providing hosted infrastructure to also providing hosted applications.  “D’oh!” While the super techies […]

Jan 22, 2013
Ted Tavrides

A bunch of us here at SingleHop are looking forward to our trip south to ITEXPO East 2013, which runs from January 30 through February 1 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Sure, blue skies, warm water, white sand, and palm trees sound nice to anyone—especially after experiencing the last few weeks of winter up […]