Stephanie Crets

Stephanie Crets

Stephanie, a St. Louis native with a master's degree in Writing & Publishing from DePaul University, is the Content Production Assistant for SingleHop. She helps the Content Production Manager and the rest of the marketing team with researching, writing, and editing content for blogs, white papers, press releases, and more.

When not writing for SingleHop or her personal blog, you can find her taking a million pictures of her cat, watching an entire television series on Netflix in a day, playing video games, or sampling craft beers throughout Chicago with her boyfriend and friends.

Articles by Stephanie Crets

Aug 11, 2014
Stephanie Crets

While passwords may seem obsolete in this climate of security threats, websites will continue to ask for login credentials. There’s no getting around it. You will still need to come up with a password for any new logins, you will sometimes have strict password guidelines to follow, and sometimes you’ll even have to change your […]

Jul 17, 2014
Stephanie Crets

Net Neutrality has been the topic of intense conversation recently, as the FCC solicits and considers public comments about how to regulate Internet traffic. We’ve put together the overview below to help you understand the issues and players that influence the way we use the Internet daily for business, research, entertainment, and social activities. Net […]

Net Neutrality
Jan 21, 2014
Stephanie Crets

Ever since the revelation of PRISM last summer, many European companies using U.S.-based cloud computing providers have been very nervous. They fear their data is no longer protected within the cloud if the prying eye of the NSA (National Security Agency) has access to it. The levels of trust in the U.S. market are starting […]

Trust in Europe
Dec 6, 2013
Stephanie Crets

When LinkedIn came out with their new iPhone app “Intro” a couple months ago, the blogosphere went wild with questions and accusations that this was a prime example of a “Man-in-the-Middle” attack, which means that hackers or any kind of person or system can intercept information and do whatever they want with it. If you’re […]

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