John Jones

John Jones

John has been in the sales and lead development machine that is the B2B technology channel for 7 years . He has built a career in helping organizations build strategic partnerships and strong sales machines. This includes: aligning sales strategy to corporate goals, strategies for recruiting and hiring ideal-fit top performers, identifying and implementing best practice selling behaviors, sales behavior mapping, aligning compensation programs with desired results, and through proven processes driving well-managed pipelines.

Specialties: John has been the face of multiple brands within the channel. Through well defined processes, innovation, and constant effort he has shown those organizations the path to predictable revenue and repeatable success. John believes in technical, tactical proficiency, and a foundation of excellence as keys to any team’s success.

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Articles by John Jones

Oct 31, 2013
John Jones

If you’re responsible for the energy and ultimately the performance of your team, how concerned are you about the culture of your company? Do you know what your company’s culture is? If you haven’t assessed this and established what the desired environment should be, you might be in trouble. Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen the […]

Jack Knows Company Culture
Oct 25, 2013
John Jones

Are you a part of a business that offers some kind of service or solution? If you’ve answered, “Yes” then answer this question next, “What is your ideal customer profile?”  Lionel Richie sang a passionate song about the pursuit that every salesperson asks, “Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?… …I’ve just got to let […]

Hello am I the Salesperson You're Looking For?
Oct 4, 2013
John Jones

If you were asked to draw a diagram, on a piece of paper, of how you plan to achieve your goals, would you be able to? One step further, could you do it simply? If not, that’s a problem. It’s called a success sketch diagram. It may seem very rudimentary, but in my years in […]

Success Sketching