David Dunlap

David Dunlap

David Dunlap started in the web host industry as a freelance writer and marketing consultant in 1999. David is a prolific author of countless articles, blogs, commentaries, white papers, and reviews for 15 years. Having written for newspapers, print and online magazines in topics ranging from marketing to business economics to search engine optimization and web design, David presented the right characteristics to take up the mantle of SingleHop's Director of Marketing.

In his capacity as Director of Marketing, David manages the day-to-day operations of SingleHop's media pushes and content publications to include the blog Think IT. David is an outspoken champion of cloud computing and the opportunity it presents web hosts.

Prior to his active career analyzing the Web Host industry, David was a networking systems engineer for the U.S. Army and graduated with honors from the University of Phoenix with a BS of Computer Science specializing in Network Security. You can find him on .

Articles by David Dunlap

Jul 8, 2014
David Dunlap

I have been putting computers together for a quarter of a century. In the beginning, I worked on Atari and 8086 builds. I built my first computer with leftover parts and with a lot of assembly required. I got pretty handy with a dremel though. In the early days, a great deal of time was spent […]

Computer Building Geekness
Jul 7, 2014
David Dunlap

The Geek is Strong With This One! Geekness day is around the corner and we have decided to look inward this year at the employees of SingleHop in search of the head geek. Nearly every employee at SingleHop has a variety of subjects that geek out to. Here are a handful of the honorable mentions: […]

Honorable Mentions
May 27, 2014
David Dunlap

The Brethren of the Coast, more commonly known as pirates, innovated society in several ways and many of their values have continued on today. More importantly, the pirates of the New World were able to find success against overwhelming odds and thrived in an incredibly hostile environment. The stories of their courage and skill almost […]

Pirates and Business
Apr 11, 2014
David Dunlap

I am a big believer when it comes to hands on experience. There are just some things that must be felt. Entrepreneurship is one of those things. You will never truly understand everything that encompasses the process of developing an idea from passing thought to fully realized product, until you go out and do it. […]

Campus 1871
Dec 13, 2013
David Dunlap

Our own VP of Engineering, Rick Talavera, discussing cloud strategy, vFabric, seamless hybrid integration, and more in a VMware interview. And without further ado, here is that interview:

VMware Interview Rick Talavera
Oct 29, 2013
David Dunlap

The latest push from our developers offers some significant changes. These changes include changes to our IP Manager, delete hourly VMs, changes to VM hourly billing, and some general bug fixes. IP Manager & Justification Our IP Manager has been renamed IP Manager & Justification and has some new functionality. From this section you can […]

LEAP release
Oct 24, 2013
David Dunlap

Access and enablement are not ordinarily associated with dedicated servers and maybe that should change. So let’s start that change here at SingleHop. The nuts and bolts of server lineup changes include removing outdated models and adding new ones. And there you have it; a new lineup is born. So why is SingleHop’s lineup change […]

Unusual Suspects
Sep 26, 2013
David Dunlap

Let me tell you a little bit about Jordan Jacobs. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, Jordan is a gregarious giant. Always filled with stories and jokes, Jordan is someone who will get the job done efficiently while having fun along the way. He has passion for what he does and you […]

Let's Go Bar Hopping
Sep 24, 2013
David Dunlap

Content is one generic word. And yet, there is not a day that goes by where I don’t read about how you need “quality content,” but in all cases the blog, article, etc. never says how this is achieved or what quality content is. I am of the mind that if you write or design […]

Content is a Four Letter Word
Aug 16, 2013
David Dunlap

A little part of me dies inside whenever I hear people liken cloud computing to the power grid or some other utility. There are of course some definite similarities. When we plug something into an outlet we expect the power to work. Once started, utilities offer high availability of services.  Some forms of cloud computing […]