Chris Locke

Chris Locke

Chris, a Chicago native and University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana alumni, is our Chief Financial Officer. Chris brings over 20 years of accounting and finance experience to the SingleHop team. He has a diverse background, having worked in public accounting, strategic consulting, and for both privately-owned and publicly-traded businesses in the CFO role. Before joining SingleHop, Chris was CFO for Rewards Network, Inc., a publicly traded firm focused on loyalty marketing for the restaurant industry. At SingleHop, Chris is responsible for all accounting, finance and administrative functions of the company, and is focused on building the internal infrastructure needed to support SingleHop's continued growth.

When he isn't working, you can find him exploring Chicago’s restaurants, working on his home-brew computer entertainment center or working out to P90X2 or Insanity in his man-cave.

Articles by Chris Locke

Aug 27, 2013
Chris Locke

If the campaign for cloud infrastructure keeps failing, it’s time to try a new strategy. Too many IT heroes fall because they don’t know how to talk to a CFO. IT and finance employ languages as different as C++ and Ruby. Virtualization and cloud IaaS may be exactly what your organization needs, but you must […]

How Your CFO Will Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud
Jul 30, 2013
Chris Locke

Welcome to my second post of the Finance in the Cloud blog series. In my first post, I described why CFO’s should love the concept of virtualization. With virtualization, IT infrastructure and fixed asset investments are maximized by utilizing as much of the computing power as possible. But let’s face it, the move to virtualization […]

Finance in the Clouds
Apr 12, 2013
Chris Locke

Welcome to the first edition of finance in the cloud.  This will be the first of many posts in what I hope will be an informative and interesting series. First, I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Chris Locke and I am the CFO of SingleHop.  I have been a Hopper since May 2012. […]