Aaron Hutchens

Aaron Hutchens

Aaron is a systems administrator for SingleHop. Along with his impressive computing talents, Aaron has proven to be an incredible writer with both attention to detail as well as the ability to look over his own work with a critical eye.

Articles by Aaron Hutchens

Jun 4, 2013
Aaron Hutchens

Previously, we discussed the first three steps on reacting to a successful attack. This week we will finish off with the last two steps of this five step process. Step four: delegation of responsibilities Whoever owns the account is responsible for the code that they have uploaded. This means that due to liabilities it is […]

May 28, 2013
Aaron Hutchens

Some time ago I was called forth to write an article on securing a web hosting server; As web hosting Systems Administrators here at SingleHop this is a topic with which we are all fairly familiar. After enough CSF installs, SSH port changes, and package updates you find that it all becomes muscle memory allowing […]

Apr 9, 2013
Aaron Hutchens

So far, you have updated your packages and configured your firewall for statefully packet inspection, now we get to the final step. The last, and by no means the least important, step would be some manner of obfuscating your SSH access.  There are a few great ways to do this, many of which far beyond […]

Apr 2, 2013
Aaron Hutchens

Last time we discussed updating your packages. Now it’s time to setup your firewall. In this step we are going to install a SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) Firewall program, CSF. It is worth noting that CSF is by no means the only option, however it offers a robust feature set along with some fantastic management […]

Mar 26, 2013
Aaron Hutchens

It is often said that the only manner in which a server can be secured would be to disconnect it and power it off. Kevin Mitnick, a rather well known Cyber Security Analyst, has gone so far as to add that all I/O devices should be removed from the hardware and the server should be […]